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    Xiangtan cable tray wiring project related issues should be noted

    Cable trays and are a good partner, they have an indelible contribution in the electricity transmission projects. Bridge is the hub of the cable, the cable also allows Jicheng carrying them around can ease the cable connection. There are several issues need to pay attention in the process of wiring the bridge, let's talk about in detail:


    (1) When a corrosive or humid place using cable tray routing should be different take appropriate protective measures in accordance with the corrosive medium, and should use plastic sheathed cables. 365zhanlan.com

    (2) When using indoor cable tray routing, the cables should not have jute or other easily retardant material of the outer sheath.


    Height from the ground (3) cable tray (tray) horizontal installation is generally not less than 2.50m, 1.80m following section should be added to protect the metal cover from the ground when mounted vertically, but laid in the electrical rooms (such as power distribution room, ) except in the shaft when the electrical, technology layer. Content from: CLP IZAN Network

    (4) horizontal cable tray installation, according to the load curve should be supported to select the best span, span is generally 1.5 ~ 3m. Vertical laying, fixed point spacing not more than 2m. CLP IZAN Network

    (5) sets of cable tray mounted in parallel at the same height, between the two neighboring cable trays should consider maintenance, overhaul distance. 365zhanlan.com

    (6) on the cable tray can not pitch the laying of cables, cable tray in the cross section of the filling factor: power cables should not exceed 40%; control cables should not exceed 50%.

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