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    Welcome to Jiangsu Haichi Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!

    The Bureau of a company to a public call set through two standard Liangcun King Bridge

    December 12, in a company to a public bureau construction of two standard call set Liangcun West Bridge left frame through the web. 1206.5 m long bridge west Liangcun Bridge is the first bridge project, is one of the key controlling projects.

    In a company to a public bureau construction of new high-speed Beijing-set call civil Bidding route length 44.772km, it is expected to contract amounted to 3.157 billion. Project started in May 2011, is expected to be completed in December 2013, the total duration of 32 months, by the local alpine climate, the actual effective duration of less than 24.

    In order to seize the construction schedule, the project has made a careful construction plan node to labor competition is pushing hands, good construction organization, focusing on controlling project-by sights. Since the beginning of August, the whole paragraph girder, projects to overcome the tight schedule, the task is heavy, high security risk, construction difficult, wind rain and snow and other difficulties, arrangements girder years experienced team, well-organized winter construction, pay close attention to convergence process, making the West Bridge Liangcun smooth realization of the demi through.

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